Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The undenyable force that is Agatha


I think I'm head over heals  for another kitten - and no, I am NOT keeping her..

I let the kitties run around for a while last night.  First Simon & Schuster.  Sill a complete but not quite an utter mess.  I ended up getting them a brand new litter box because I could no longer wipe off the mess from the side and that thing will have to be sand blasted to be clean again.  The whole time Aggie was "upstairs" singing to be let out.  She is a climber, but not a very good one, so she climbs up one rung of the cage and then slips and falls down.  Very dramatically too.  I was quite concerned the first few times it happened, but then I realized that was her now I just enjoy her acting abilities.

Schuster has found the "adult" litter box in the litter box box.  Yea for him, but complications for me since there was no way to keep Aggie and her brothers from getting to it for another week or so until we can get them all tested.  So I ended up moving the cage back against the wall which prevents access into that corner.  I was surprised how much more room that seems to make.  I forgot how much room that cage takes up.

So, kitten box replaced and filled with clean litter (and scooped because Simon found the fresh new one), cage moved and Simon & Schu fed and stuck back in the cage and the floor cleaned up and out come the three little ones.

She is unstoppable.  I go to open the door and she starts climbing the door.. so I have to wait until she falls then open the door quick before she climbs it again.  Then before the door is even fully open she's head first over the edge.. She has no problem making the 2-3 foot drop to the floor (and I know it is OK, but it still bugs me so I try to catch her) and she's out and she runs around then turns around and goes right for Simon. 

So I try to distract her with toys, but that works for only a moment.  So I try distracting her with Henry by putting her on top of him and then him on top of her hoping to spur them into wrestling... no go, she WANTS SIMON!!  She runs for the cage.  I'm sitting in front of it.  She flys over me to get to him, but I catch her in mid flight and turn her around and face her the other way.  She acts like this is completely her plan and just runs behind me to get to him.. round and round and round and round and round (etc) we go. 

I thought maybe she was hungry and so in between catching her and kissing her and sending her off I some how managed to get a can of food into a bowl and on to the floor.  She took three or four bites and went back towards her beloved.

So this time instead of putting her on the floor I put her in the cage.  Which she promptly turns and throws herself out the door.  Un.. freakin... stop.. able!!

but when I would hold her after grabbing her, she didn't squirm or fight.. she just let me.. so cute it actually hurt.

Dorian has started to play again.  smooshing his brain into the cage bars too.  I'd say what ever it was causing his problem is resolving.  Be it the lungworm or limping calci (with no uri symptoms) or something else, we'll never know, and that's OK.

One other wonderful thing about Agatha is that I think she is a great influence on her brothers.  I let Simon and Schu out for breakfast and litter scooping and they run and are wild and crazy and purring and climbing up to get to my face and just so unmannered (but purring and downright adorable doing it) and getting them back into the cage is very much like wrangling kittens.  Aggie, Henry and Dorian went out, stretched their legs, played a little, then came back one by one and were completely OK with being put in the cage and went and ate then they wash up.  I so can't wait till Aggie can teach this to Simon and Schu.. and if nothing else they can eat the food off their whiskers and furs and keep them clean despite themselves!


  1. Sounds like Aggie's in love! :)

  2. we agree - sounds like Aggie found a boyfriend. :) Can't wait til everyone is tested....then let the games begin.

  3. Aggie certainly sounds like a force to be reckoned with! I wouldn't be surprised if she turns out to be quite dominant.

    My Domino is that way -- absolutely determined and never gives up until she gets her way.

    How can you help but love the feisty little thing?


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