Monday, September 27, 2010

Ollie Ol

Bet you are getting sick and tired of me talking about my boy aren't ya? :)  Oh well, I can't seem to help it.

I've decided to give him the Metacam every other day, until directed otherwise by my holistic vet.  She's still "processing" what to do for him.  She's quite over extended in her commitments, but she also likes to wait after major surgery to see how things progress to see what steps to take.  He doesn't seem to mind it, and so far *knock wood* it seems to be working for him.  Maybe it isn't ideal, as he's not feeling the pain he should probably be in, and he's jumping up on counters and the such. 

He's back to being the pain that he likes to be, coming up in the evening as we are snuggling into bed to watch some TV, and gets right in between DH and I, an complains if we don't pay attention to him, then complains when we pay too much attention to him, and complaining that other kitties are coming to get attention when he's not wanting any.  He's got his big beautiful "I'm so interested in the world" eyes back, which I love to see.

This morning he walked into the master bath as if looking for food, so I locked him up again with the food.  It is sad that this is the only way to ensure he gets access to food through out the day. but I do what has to be done.
We have Fleurp's recheck appointment on Wednesday morning.  I'm going to bring him in to have his stitches removed and so the vet can see him.  I called on Saturday because he's been sniffly (vet was not concerned) and he was very happy at Ollie's progress.  Thrilled would be a better description.  He said more then once how glad he was because he had been so aggressive (removing the tumor) during surgery.  He is still a little sniffly, but it not nearly as bad today as it was on Saturday, so I'm less concerned.  I think I'll be able to relax once the stitches are out.

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  1. Aw, sweetie Ollie! Continued purrs and Light for both him and for Fleurp too!


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