Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So I'm reading a magazine for work, and come across a two page advertisement for {redacted to save myself some aggravation} One cat food.  The first page has images of oatmeal, spinach and salmon.  The title is "Smart Foods All in a day's menu"

Oats for Breakfast, how spinach is better then lettuce for lunch and Omega 3 foods are a smart choice for dinner.  This takes up 2/3 if not 3/4ths of the page.

In the last portion of the page, they write in very small white letters in an aqua colored box (so not easy to read) that you can help your cat feel her best by feeding 1) real salmon or chicken 2) specific combination of wholesome grains 3) key antioxidants.

The next page is the glamor shot of the food and the key selling points (see three above)

but once again cat food makers are selling cat food based on human nutrition.  When are they going to remember that cats are not humans, and have a completely different digestive system??  I mean how on earth did cats ever survive if they are all right and cats should be eating oats, spinach and salmon?  I mean I don't remember ever seeing a cat who could catch a salmon..

*sigh*  I guess it is better then corn.

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