Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kitten watch - day 10

Once again, I was so sure I was going to have kittens this morning - the point that I had a dream about it last night (although she gave birth to the four week old kitten I met at the shelter yesterday)  - because she had a little vaginal discharge.  but alas, still no kittens, and she's just taking a nap. 

I must remember, better on time and healthy then early and too undercooked to survive. All in due time.  I guess I'm just freaking out that there is something wrong because she keeps giving me strong signs that it is that time, and it keeps not happening.  But she's eating and active and if something were going wrong, she wouldn't be.

I also saw Jiminy and Cricket at the shelter yesterday.  He's doing great, happy and robust.  She on the other hand, feels like skin and bones.  At least she was happy to see me when I went to snuggle her.  I hope they go into a foster home that can help her right quick.

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