Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fleurp & Ollie update

so at some unreal hour of the day (ok so it was 7AM) I packed up the kids and brought them down to see the doctor.  Ollie is impressive.  We had a discussion about the surgery (no idea how much the growth weighed when he took it out, no it wasn't invading the body cavity and it was wrapped around the pelvic bone, so there was some he could not remove) and quality and quantity of life.  Dr. B said he thinks we got another year out of this since his previous two surgeries were in the fall.  I can only hope that his quality of life diminishes greatly before next fall.  Horrible thing to wish for I know, but he's already had three surgeries, and I can't fathom a fourth (but then again I couldn't fathom a third)   Currently if he didn't have the shaved side and foot, you would have no idea what he's dealing with.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, he is amazing..

As for my darling Fleurp.. We took another xray, and the piece of cement has moved, but surprisingly is still in there.  It has been two weeks, you would think it would have been expelled long ago.  It was originally by her stomach, now it is a few inches from where her stool was (and man did she have to go!)   Her pack cell count was 45% were previously it was 19% and her weight went from 8lbs 11 oz to 10!  He wants her back on Doxy (she had a one week course two weeks ago) and reducing her pred down to 1/2 tab twice a day. and recheck in two weeks (which is two days before we head off to Florida for a week - and don't think for a second that realization didn't send me into a panic)

I asked the vet if fiber supplements would help her pass it, and he was all for it.  When I got home I thought I'd go for a crazy experiment and see what happened.   I mixed half a can of the green canned fancy feast cans of food with water for Ollie and the other half I mixed with water and a heaping teaspoon of non sweetened orange flavored (yea I know) phylum hunk fiber supplement I have.  Before I started mixing, I hoped it was going to be hidden in the food, but the second the fiber hit the water I knew it wasn't going to happen, but I forged forward figuring my little chow hound wouldn't mind.

And oddly enough, she didn't.  She ate for a few minutes.  Not finishing it, but I was a little surprised she ate any of it.  Muffin then decided she wanted some, and had some.  Jack got his nose in there and had a few bites, and lastly Skippy got some.  I can just imagine the thoughts running through their brains.. "now this is supposed to be food, it has some really yummy stuff going on here, but what on earth is that orange tang?!? heck, what is orange??"  The bowl was empty by the time I left for work.

I have some ground flax seed in my freezer, I think I'll try that next.  Probably won't have that off putting smell.

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