Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My eating cookies is not helping Ollie

So last night I ran out and got Ollie a can of A/D.  He seems to be eating watered down pate canned food over everything else, and I figured that would be easiest for him to eat.  I ran home at lunch yesterday and offered him some meat baby food, and he usually scarfs that down, but he ignored most of it.  He ate almost all of the Temptations I put down (those things have totally earned the nickname of Kitty Crack).  He had been in the office when I left for work, so I locked him in there for a change.  When I came home from work he had found a way into the closet but with the doors shut, he couldn't figure out how to get back out.

hiding from Mom in the great room while she eats cookies
So I gave him an appetite stimulant and waited an hour and feed the cats their dinner.  I was hoping Ollie would be interested in a good for him meal, but he wasn't.  Once again he had just a few bites before he walked away.  In frustration I ate a chocolate chip cookie (with dried cherries) I made on Sunday.  I tried to get him to eat it by offering it again, and again he refused, so I ate another cookie.  I had about four before I realized what I was doing.  Not sure if I thought by eating the cookie I'd spur him into eating, or what, but I finally put the cookies out of sight.

When I headed to bed, I broke out the A/D hoping that it would give him something to snack on during the night. I pulled out maybe a fourth of the can and mixed it with some water. Well he ate it quite well, eating 90% of it.  I went back into the kitchen and tried to dole out another portion leaving about half of the can.  Mixed it with some more water, and offered it, but he wasn't amused.  I offered him some cheapo kitten food (as opposed to the organic dry food I had previously offered him) and went to bed.

I remember him waking me up in the middle of the night for some attention, purring quite a bit.  I love it when he purrs, it happens so infrequently, that I didn't mind the intrusion into my sleep.

In the AM most of the A/D was gone (but not all) and some of the dry.  I weighed him, and he clocked in at 9lbs 8oz!! ok so it was only an ounce, but at least it wasn't down again.  He finally passed some more stool.  He does so every other day or so, which isn't that odd since he's not eating all that well. (and peeing 2+ times a day)  When he walked around this morning, he was very grumpy, telling everyone else off.  I put down just the two communal plates (he's gotten his own plate for some time now because he used to keep everyone else off the communal plates until he was done, and they all had to sit around and watch him eat) He grumped at me.  I told him I knew full well he wasn't going to eat the raw, and he grumped again.  Grump grump grump!!  So I offered him some straight out of the container we store it in.  He sniffed it twice, and walked away.  So momma does know best, but Ollie will not be happy until he has the right of refusal.
I do not need to be locked up thank you very much! Now those other kitties...

Locked him back up in the bedroom with more food.  I'm sure at this point he could be free all day, but I know full well that he would not have access to food since the clean up crew would make short work of anything left behind. If he continues to put on weight, I'll probably start leaving him out at night, since the rest of the crew is getting annoyed they can't spend the night annoying sleeping with me, and the hour before I go to work just isn't enough.

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