Sunday, September 12, 2010

we have a mystery

Regardless of the truth, this is not good. 

Ollie was visiting me this morning (slow lazy morning, I was in bed) and we heard a pretty bad scuffle in the other room.  Ollie has taken it upon himself to keep peace in the house, and will go to any bad fights.  so he got up and left. I yelled out to whomever was fighting to cut it out, and I didn't hear anything additional.

after I wiped at it
about 20 minutes later my husband came in the bedroom saying there was something I had to see.  In the middle of the great room there was several drops of blood.  My first thought was Ollie had irritated his growth so I went and got a paper towel and went in search of him.  Turned out he was right behind me, so I put it gently over the lump, and the only thing that came off was a little bit of off color ooze (not sure if it was the wound oozing or the bitter ointment I put on there a little earlier to discourage interest in it) however just a little bit further down between his lump and his tail were some drops of semi dried blood.  I touched the blood on the floor, and it was drying.

I looked at the growth, I couldn't see any obvious sign that it had bled.  DH mentioned that Skippy and Eli were the ones wrestling earlier, so I tried to look them over (catching Eli is NEVER easy) so I threw down some dry food.  Eli immediately suspected there was an ulterior motive, and would not let me catch him.  He walked off slowly enough when I stopped moving, so I was able to get a half decent look at him, and I didn't see blood.  I scanned Skippy (hands on) and no wounds, no blood.  So I scanned everyone else.  No wounds, no blood.  So where is it from?  a mouth?  from Ollie?

My thought is that it was Ollie, even though it makes no sense visually looking at him.  Yes his growth looks like a wound, but nothing that seems obvious that was bleeding.  This photo however shows what appears to be a bit of a scab that came off somewhere.  It was laying on the floor as opposed to a drop of blood that dried on the floor.  So now he is isolated in the bedroom.  I immediately stuck him in the master bedroom bathroom, which of course ticked him off. He really hates being locked up.  After I looked around for more evidence (one more drop in the kitchen, and surprisingly one down in front of the kitten room where Skippy usually hangs out) I let him out of the bath into the bedroom and gave him some food.  This of course means that everyone else wants in badly.  This usually causes him to want to leave, but I think the food distracted him from that.

He tried to jump up on my jewelry chest, and I knew he wasn't going to make it.  He didn't listen to me, and he almost made it, but ended up falling off, then he turned and meowed at me for a few minutes.  Not sure if he blamed me for my causing him not to make it, or if he was yelling at me for watching him not make it.  He then went under the bed for a few minutes, and I wondered if he was bleeding if he'd leave any blood under the bed.  Almost by the time I finished thinking that thought he had come out and jumped up on the bed. Again he had issue, and I guess it is time to bring out the stairs we made for Em to get up on the bed, but he did make it.  He has moved a few times since then, and no blood.  He's currently sleeping having little kitty dreams.. except for the pretty obvious grossness it's really cute.

and one more bit of cuteness.  Apparently Tweedle is not aware she isn't allowed in a room (or doesn't care) because she's settled herself down in the most comfortable spot in the house

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