Sunday, September 12, 2010


On Thursday, I got an email to let me know that Bri's ashes were back.  On the way home it started raining and I got to see a spectacular double rainbow.  I pulled over and took a few photos, and had to laugh as when I was finished several other people had too.
It seemed to get brighter after I started driving home, and I caught this next photo.  I almost didn't stop because I live where there aren't trees so I could have gotten a better shot, but I feared that it would be gone by the time I got there, which unfortunately it was.  It was just a really nice moment for me.
(cue weird double rainbow YouTube guy)

I picked her up on Friday, and her ashes are here at the house. Unlike Twee when Em's ashes came home, Skippy hasn't seem to notice.  But he has been extra cuddly this past week, which I am not complaining about one little bit.

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