Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ollie update

hopefully these updates will become less frequent as he improves and I stop watching him every minute to make sure he doesn't drop over dead. Yes, I know, at this point I am totally being paranoid, but when you have dealt with as many odd ball problems as I have, you tend to the paranoid. (at least I fully admit it)

so his surgery was Tuesday (14th) and now that four days have passed, I've actually let him out of the bedroom for more then an hour. He's been free since I got home this morning around 10AM. He didn't leave the bedroom for quite some time, and enjoyed sitting near me and with some (but not all) of the other cats.
 we did some laundry last night, and he decided he really wanted to sit in the laundry basket.  It was full of laundry and I was a little concerned because he isn't 100% stable on that leg, so we ended up leaving a few towels in the basket and he sat on it for several hours then and then again this morning.
He has also been eating meals out with the rest of the crew.  He's still not up for eating full meals in one sitting though.  He has been snacking when isolated, so he takes a few bites then sits over his meal (we had to start feeding him on a separate plate because he took over the communal plate and wouldn't let anyone else eat) and when the others were done they thought they'd "offer to help" him finish off his meal.  He wasn't having any of it though, and would summarily tell them to back off (and they do)

I'm still feeding him canned food in the bedroom.  He had a little left over from the early breakfast, and I offered it to him in the middle of the day.  Once again he had lots of offers of help if he wasn't up for finishing it.  He seems to eat it better if it is watered down a bit, and he has eaten quite a bit today.  I brought the scale up to weigh him and see how he is doing

so after that we were all laying in bed calmly, and all of a sudden Ollie decided he NEEDED to get on my night stand.  I don't much like kitties on it because frankly it is a mess, and they tend to knock things over.  He was absolutely insistent, and even after I moved him away from it, he went back.  I swear determination is his middle name.  Turns out he wanted to get into the closet and sit on the shelves.  This has been a favorite place of his to sit (that and above the fridge) so he was quite proud of himself when he was up there.
He was NOT happy when I finally removed him and shut the closet door.  He sat by the closet for some time after that.

Now it is late, and I need to wrangle him in to the bedroom and shut the door for the night so he has access to food.  He was sitting on the foot locker at the end of the hall earlier, being lord and master of his manner.  I didn't have the heart to disturb him.  I did however notice he seems to have a bruise on his knee which I'm not amused with.
Not sure if that is normal healing or if something happened.  Zooming in on the photo, I can see the upper (larger) incision still hasn't completely healed up. That has so got to hurt him.  Guess when you are King, you can't let your pain show for fear of being overthrown.  I'm just glad he's letting me keep him in the bedroom.  I think the easy access to food is helping that a lot.

update: as this was posting, I heard Ollie picking at his stitches!!  arrgh.  I got out some bitter ointment to deter him from it, and distracted him with food.  No idea how long it is going to last.   I also weighed him, I figure if he gets to annoy me I get to annoy him.  9lbs 7 oz. so he's down half a pound from before the surgery .  No idea if that was because they took that much out or he's still losing weight.  Will definitely have to keep an eye on that

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