Sunday, September 12, 2010

a good topper on the day

Those of you who do not believe in The Divine, might not like this post.

After I finished the goodbye post, I went to exercise.  I exercise to TV shows recorded on my Tivo or to TV shows through Netflix.  DH is going away in a few weeks and he wants to take the Wii with him - which is my Netflix source where I exercise.  I thought I would work through a few of those shows between now and then and let things build up on the Tivo so I have things to work out to.

I am currently watching "Dead Like Me" season one.  I had worked through the first 13 episodes, and was on the season finale "Rest in Peace"
In this episode, we see the main character "Georgia" (who is dead and is now a grim reaper) deal with her death as her parents and little sister go to the grave yard to put the stone on Georgia's grave.  In the episode, she ends up at the vet with her boss/friend and her cat.  The cat is not doing well and while there she notices a little kid who appears also to be a reaper.  Reapers are given notes on post-its where to be to take souls.  Georgia thinks the kid is there to take the cat, but in the end the kid takes the soul of a rabbit (Eddie, Eddie Rabbit)
I think all of us wrestle with if our pets are going to be there when we die.  With all the pets I've had, and kittens I've taken care of and those I've lost, I can't help but wonder about it.  Will they be there, if they are will it be overwhelming with how many are there for me? etc.  With all the animals that die in the world, those used for food, those in the wild, etc, I can only imagine they outnumber humans (yes, I think odd things) and how will they all get the love they need.  So then I wonder if only those who knew love will be there.  Sad thought, but it would make it more manageable I imagine. 

well anyway, thoughts of the afterlife are always stronger around times of death for me.  With the cleaning up and removal of Bri's things, my brain goes there if I don't watch it carefully.  It was just heart warming to see the show about death and the helping of souls make the transition have someone take the soul of the bunny.  It was also a little odd to see a rabbit die after seeing a vet.

I choose think it is not a co-incidence.  I like to believe in The Divine.  I take comfort that God is watching over me.  I also take comfort when I get messages like this - even through a quirky little 7 year old TV show.

There is one more upcoming post about Bri.  I scheduled it for a few days.  I don't much like all the sadness, but it is a part of being a pet owner.  When we choose to care for a life with a life span dramatically shorter then our own we choose the tears

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