Saturday, September 11, 2010

so not good (Ollie)

Well it looks like the incident with the chair was a bigger deal then originally thought.  Last night I was really tired, so while I am fairly sure I checked on him and things were ok, I can't say for certain.  This morning we were going to go out for breakfast and was on our way out when I saw Ollie licking that general area.

I'm aware that growths can cause pets to lick to soothe them and make things worse, so I've been keeping an eye on not only how it grows, but that it he has not been bothering it.  So when I saw him lick at it, I went to discourage him.  I am not 100% sure what caused me to notice it as it was not immediately visible, but the growth was now raw, red and oozing.

I called the vet, who was in a room with a patient, and left a message with the receptionist asking for suggestions.  I hung up and waited and watched.  Ollie didn't much like my paying attention to it.  I feel it is more a matter of he doesn't want me to recognize his infirmity more then anything else.  He is a very proud kitty.  So I let him wander off and watched from a distance.  He seemed more to want to be covering it up (a kitty comb over if you will) more then anything else.  After a few more minutes I went and had another look.  His growth is not smooth, it is "gnarly" if you will, but under the red area there was a lump of smoothness, which leads me to believe it is fluid filled.

So to me my options are A) leave it as it is, try putting something topical on it and hope it doesn't bother him or B) bring him in for surgery to remove the bit that is growing through his skin.

I don't much like the idea of surgery seeing how ornery he was the last two times we did it, but since he isn't declining at all (just a smidge of weight loss) I can't see letting him suffer with this.

So I have an appointment Tuesday morning to bring him in for surgery.  Going to have him see the vet prior to, and hope this isn't the biggest mistake.  I fear how he is going to handle the sedation.  I fear how he is going to handle the pain and the stitches.  But worst case scenario, I think I still prefer that over letting this fester.

When we got home from breakfast, this is what awaited us.  I thought it was cute with him and Kit
but when I moved to get a better shot, I noticed Skippy too.

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