Thursday, September 23, 2010


My poor little Fleurpyface has really gotten the short end of the stick, but I'm not 100% sure she doesn't mind.  Sick kitties get lots of attention and treats and fawning over, which she's always seemed to like, but when I tried to fawn over her last night and again this morning, she seemed to say "get over it mom"

She went through her course of antibiotic just fine.  She's still on the pred.  Her last dose is Tuesday night, her recheck is first thing Wednesday.

I am very optimistic through.  The other night I went down to view the fosters, and usually when I come out there are kitties waiting for me.  Fleurp recently has been waiting by the door to the outside that has the rough concrete that she had been licking.  This time she was in the middle of the room away from the door.  Is it that she has improved? or might it be the natural citrus spray I've been covering the concrete with?  I'm thinking it is the former, because I can easily see her sitting there and wanting to lick it if that was what she wanted to do but didn't like the smell.

She has such a happiness.  She really is Joy in a kitten suit. (but don't tell her that she's an adult just yet, I really like her Fleurpy kitteny ways)

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