Thursday, September 2, 2010

This made me cry (but in a good way)

I stopped at the shelter yesterday to pick up some new food for Juno.  She's eating dry ok, but not really the wet (and as you know, I prefer the protein content of canned food) so I needed some different foods to see if I could tempt her, and more dry in case I couldn't.

Well while I was there I saw notice that the shelter got a ginormous grant, (can't believe I spelled ginormous right the first time - well at least Firefox isn't telling me I spelled it wrong) and are using some for their operating expenses, and some to create an on site clinic!!!!  It is going to be a low cost spay neuter clinic for cats!!! 

It is going to be run independent of the shelter, but will be the shelter's new primary vet since someone will be working there (renting it if I remember correctly but I so could be wrong I was so emotional at the time)

This has been my "if I win the lottery" dream to establish just such a clinic on site of the shelter.  They are going to build a separate building - and my dream was to create a second floor.. Don't rightly care how they do it.  I'm just thrilled.

I was asked to volunteer, which I would so do if I didn't work full time.  Might still try to squeeze in some hours at least once a month if not more if I can.

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