Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cat on bed, woman on couch

So last night I was sitting in bed watching TV.  I had my heated blanket on, and Ollie came up and sat with me a little while then got ticked at me for the insult of my patting him and he went and sat at the end of the bed.  He was restless, and couldn't really seem to get comfortable for a while.  He had another bite of food (yes, I put his plate of food on the bed) came back up and grumped at me and at DH. He tried laying down several times, then seemed to find a spot that worked for him.

shortly after that I was ready to go to bed, but he was right were my feet go, and I couldn't disturb him... so I went and slept on the couch.

I generally don't sleep very well on the couch, and usually send DH to sleep there, but he just got home from a trip and it didn't seem fair to kick him out of bed when there was a cat that I didn't want to disturb on my side of the bed.  But I did give him fair warning that there was a darn good chance I was going to kick him out of bed in an hour or two if I couldn't get to sleep.

I woke up a few times, but I ended up sleeping until 5am, at which point Ollie was no longer on the bed (I'm not even going to think he probably jumped off as soon as I left) and I crawled in.  He came up and grumped at me a little, then settled down.

But I am so stiff and feel like I slept on the couch.  I hope Ollie appreciates it.

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