Sunday, September 12, 2010


bout time!!  last night she seemed to be nesting, and was trying to shove herself into corners.  I put bedding down on one, and blocked off the other, and put the box we wanted her to have her kittens in what we thought was a quiet protected corner.  She seemed to want attention, but as I was patting her she turned on me and bit me rather hard (but not breaking skin) so I left so as not to over stimulate her.  I checked on her several hours later, and no change, so I figured it was another false alarm.

As I was investigating the mystery of the morning, i decided to check on her, and she didn't come right out.  I went into the kitten room to see her in the box wrapped around her kittens protectively.
nothing to see here
Since she bit me yesterday, I was a little cautious about the whole thing.  I opened up a can of food and she left her brood to eat, but they started mewing, and she immediately turned around and went back to them.  I stuck her in the carrier so I could examine them and make sure everything was ok and check genders.  Looks like I have five healthy kittens (not quite a whole basketball team, but definitely a good game) One all black male, one black and white male, one black female, one tabby female, and one tri color tabby (like mom) female.  I'm 90% sure of genders, so there is a small chance this might change.  Here are a few more photos and a video. Click to enlarge them.


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Oh, at last! Congratulations to the new momma!

  2. Congrats to the new mom from us too! We couldn't get the video to play past the first 22 seconds (tried twice), but it was long enough to hear some VERY insistent crying. LOL.

  3. hum, neither can I (play the video) I'll try fixing it.


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