Thursday, September 16, 2010

a post of the weird

 A few weeks ago I had two very odd dreams in one night, and I kept meaning to write them down.  I remember them now as well as I did that morning (which to say isn't much) and the other day I was thinking I really needed to get these recorded.  I figure anything I remember in the AM is worth writing down and looking at.

So I was going over the dreams Tuesday night and some really odd connections were made.  If I had been a cartoon character, a light bulb absolutely would have gone off over my head immediately morphing into a giant question mark.

One of the dreams was that I was camping.  I was sleeping in a sleeping bag either in a very large tent or out side.  I was with a bunch of other people, but I was aways away from them.  I heard a commotion, and I rolled over to see two guys in bunny costumes.  I watched the cartoon "The Tick" where the Tick's side kick was Arthur.  Everyone always called Arthur the bunny man even though he was supposed to be a moth.

In my dream I was trying to decide if they were supposed to be bunny men or moths, when they came up to me.  Oddly enough, in my dream the photo above pretty much depicts the size difference of the two, but they were both wearing the white costume, and they were slightly fuzzy.  One tried to attack me, but I kicked him in the groin, and fought him off. - which is when I woke up.  (a traumatic event with a rabbit)

The other was I was walking through my high school (it most likely wasn't the actual high school I attended, but some dream version)  It was a little creepy, and I was ready for the tour to end when I saw a very very dead black cat.  The tongue was hanging out and dried up.  I felt a huge wave of compassion for the poor creature, and then oddly the cat came back to life.  The dried up tongue started moving, then the chest started moving up and down as if breathing.  - which is when I woke up. (saving a black cat)

Now this was before the incident with Bri, and the crisis with Ollie.

I'm refusing to speculate on it.. Just thought I'd share my little brush with the odd.

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