Tuesday, July 12, 2011

all ready for kittens

Just thought I would share with you how the floor came out.  You can see the overlap at the end, I'm not sure if I want to glue that up or try cutting it flush.  I'm thinking I'll glue it, I can always cut it later.
Eli is not impressed...

 He would have rather I spent the day patting his belly.

(this was supposed to post on the 5th... Since this I did attach that flap to the wall and it came out pretty nicely.   Now if it can stand up to kittens, that we'll have to wait and see)


  1. It looks great and should be quite durable. My laminate has stood up well over the past 6 or so years, even with all the moving furniture I do...and all the craziness of the boys. Plus all the barf. LOL.

  2. We're thinking of switching to either wood or tile floors because of the cats ourselves.

    And don't worry about the lack of kittens. The blog is still interesting and we enjoy hearing about the crew too. :)


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