Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Mom, what are you doing in the back bathroom??
Putting the new kittens in there...
Who? us??
But what about that room downstairs you never let us in that you usually have kittens in that has been painfully empty that you STILL won't let us in??

Yea, well there are kittens in that room too my dears..
That would be us

and me
So I got a call from the second shelter and they wanted to set me up with an orientation, which wasn't going to happen for a while and I guess I didn't hide my disappointment.  She said she did have kittens now and if I could come up they could do the orientation and send me on my way with the kits.  I checked with my boss and off I went.  No where is perfect and I get that, but it does give me a new appreciation for the shelter I normally foster with.  They also expect that foster homes buy their own food.. very interesting.... but man these kittens have personality up the freaking wazoo.  the little long haired tabby .. well just look!!

I swear this one could pull off her own twitter feed or even a blog all on her own even at this age!!  She seems the biggest but she's fluff.  The tortie is 15 oz.. she's 14, the larger orange one is 12 and the smaller is 9oz.  They are all bones and meow.. I've got my work cut out for me packing on the pounds.

As for the two little grey ones, I got an email when I got back into the office offering me two six week old gray kittens.  I figured I'd have them for a short period of time, so I said what the heck.  Well they have diarrhea and are hissy, and are pretty small (I didn't weigh them yet) so they'll probably be here a while.

so now I need six girl names..


  1. Well, you didn't have a long break after all--and how you have a house-full. LOL. What precious babies!

  2. As mom says, be careful what you wish for. MOL

    We would try to help with names, but mom is at a loss anymore...

  3. It's a kittenpalooza!!

    How about:

    Julie and

    Don't know why the J's, it was all free association! Oh, and kudos to you for taking in all the little ones!

  4. Maybe you could do all names of royals now that you have a Kate and Pippa? My sister has a "gem" collection -- Jade, Jasper,Topaz and Sapphire -- which I never would have thought of. I was going to suggest Cole for one of the gray's but they have names...=)


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