Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun with Fraidy Cats

Last night I went out after work to pick up a few things and didn't get home until late.  I still wanted to try to work with Kate and Pippa, and so I found a feather toy and got some food, and went in the bathroom...

well the shock of what they did to the room was a little overwhelming.

Someone had vomited.  Someone had pooped on the rug, someone else also pooped on the rug, someone else peed and pooped on a face cloth (that wasn't on the floor when I left in the morning) and someone else had gotten poop on the floor, on the wall, and on the carrier.  *sigh*  bad diarrhea is bad.. so a sample went to the shelter this morning to find out what is going on.

I got hissed at and run from.  I cleaned up the room as best I could and sat down and pulled them out of the teepee and showed them the food - which they promptly started eating.  They still don't know what to make of me as I am still quite scarey, but apparently I have my moments.  I got a few ping pongs rolling around and that was intriguing, but the night really started when I brought out the feather toy.

Now I must admit, there is nothing more pathetic then a kitten who does not know what to do with a feather toy.  Broke my heart a little to see Pippa looking at it like it was the weirdest thing she had ever seen.  Even when she got close and touched it, she was still quite in awe of it and totally unsure of what to do.  Kate held back and watched.  After a few minutes of playing "this toy is more scared of you then you are of it" Pippa finally realized she could have a lot of fun, and started really playing with it.  This intrigued Kate even more and she kept trying to get closer, but every time she moved I would look at her, and she would look at me, and that would be the end of progress.  So I had to make an effort NOT to look at her.. I'm not sure that is really wise, because I want her to realize that my looking at her is not a challenge (it can be in a clowder) but as an invitation, but I thought right now getting her to play was a bit more important.  Well after a few more false starts I got her to the toy, and after a few more minutes they were both playing.  Pippa more aggressively jumping up in the air and running around silly.  I even got her on my lap which made my heart skip a beat.  Shortly afterwards Kate came closer and put a paw on me.. which is huge.

In the morning we were right back to running in the teepee.  *sigh*  even with the addition of a radio to keep them company.  There was much less diarrhea this morning which was nice.  There was signs they jumped in the bath tub - which is rare for kittens to do.  I ended up going back in the bathroom twice after their breakfast.  The first time Pippa was out.  She was sitting in the laundry basket and I guess she felt it was safer to stay in there then run.  I thanked her for not running and gave her a pat.  The second time BOTH Kate and Pippa were in it.  I felt quite honored despite all the hissing going on.  They got pats and kind words, and I left them alone.  I'm glad they are eating well and playing.  They are starting to feel more comfortable in their territory.. I'm sure in time they will be more comfortable with me.

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  1. The "fun" never stops, with fostering. LOL.

    Bless you for doing this, though, again and again. The babies will come around with your TLC. And we'll purr the diarrhea clears up SOON!


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