Wednesday, July 27, 2011

good news, good news, and not so good news

Well I finally named the babies.. Little Miss FluffyButt was being all adorable in a "I'm going to conqure the world" sort of way, and the tiny orange kitten was looking so sweet and innocent, and I came up with Lucy and Sally.  The larger orange kitten was being all sporty so I named her Patty and the tortie is Violet.

*phew* I was starting to wonder if I would EVER come up with names for them.

This evening I went into the bathroom where Kate and Pippa are, and they were sitting on top of their carrier.  I said hello and they just looked at me.  I tried to figure out who was who, and Pippa started purring.  I kept talking softly, explaining I was going to walk across the room and scoop the box and put down food and leave,... and while I did all this *Kate STAYED on TOP of the carrier!!!*  usually she runs and hides behind the toilet or in the carrier (the door is removed)  This is HUGE.   of course later when I went in again to medicate them she ran.. and when I went to get her she hissed, but it was a good night!

as for the not so good news, I realized my Skippy is all congested again.  He was looking quite pathetic and shaking his head ever so slightly so I thought either he had ear issues or something stuck in his mouth.  So I told him I was going to pick  him up and look him over and I got a good look.  Ears clean, teeth beautiful but he sniffled quite severely.  His eyes are clear and nothing is dripping from his nose, and he ate dinner. but this is the worst he has sounded in quite some time (I believe he has a recurring case of bordatella) I'm hoping this will clear right up like it has every other time, but I will have to keep an eye on him.


  1. Yay for Kate! That's progress!

    We're sending our purrs to Skippy, hoping he'll be okay!

  2. Purrs to Skippy.

    But yeah that the hissy kittens are coming around!!!


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