Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another breakthrough with Kate

 I went in to see them and Kate was really on edge.  DH went in and cleaned today, and I guess she didn't take to that very well.

I brought them some cat milk, they had no idea what to make of that.  It smelled good but it was *NEW*  (and in the world according to Kate *NEW*=*BAD*), so it took them a while to get used to it enough to try it.  Pippa liked it more then Kate.

I also brought home a new cat cube.  They peed on the teepee (one or the other or both?) so I picked up a new one so they would have something while I washed the teepee.  well that threw them too.  Again Pippa was quicker to adjust, and spent just a few moments sniffing it while Kate took several minutes.

I got them playing again.  Kate's coordination is a little off so she's not very successful which I think makes it even harder for her.  If it isn't fun, why would she want to play???  So I tried to move it less which she seemed to like a little better.  When I started to get tired I called it a night and got up, which caused Kate to jump in the laundry basket and hiss at me as I walked by... Now I can't pass that up, and had to give her some more attention.  I tried to pat her like a mother cat would lick her, and I think I nailed it because Kate started purring, rolled over and started nursing on the blanket in the basket.  Poor girl must miss her mom.. so I kept patting her and rubbing her until Pippa came over and smacked her (in play) and Kate stopped.

We've also had a few firm stools, but just a few, and they are followed by a day or more of pure liquid so I went and got some more marquis paste.  *crosses fingers this works*

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  1. A purr!! Progress...Poor little Kate, do you think she might have a neurological problem?


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