Thursday, July 14, 2011

One step forward

and it seems two back.  Last night was not kind to Kate and Pippa.  the litter box was full of runny diarrhea and there was even a puddle on the rug. :(  these poor kittens are a mess.  Their fur is quite thick so it is hard to feel their bones, but once you get past the fur you can tell they are in need of some calories.

Last night I gave them two 3oz cans of food.  They ate 3/4ths of each.  This morning I gave them some more raw food and they inhaled it.  Its funny,  Kate won't come towards the food, but once I put her in front of it she eats as fast as she can.  It seems the raw I gave them yesterday did slow things down a bit (the diarrhea yesterday afternoon was markedly improved) so I think they'll be on it until things solidify (at least enough to get a stool sample anyway)

I also gave them some supplements to try to help them.  That did not go over well.  Usually the first time I 'medicate" a kitten they react badly, and I knew these two would not like the forced intrusion of something that didn't taste all that good in their mouths, and they didn't.   Pippa took it a little better then Kate.  At least Kate calmed down a little once I got her properly wrapped up.

Trust is still a big issue.  I did get Pippa to purr for me again.  I think Kate keeps telling her she is crazy to trust the big thing that keeps coming in and grabbing them, but hopefully with enough love and yummy foods she'll forget that.  I did get them playing last night.  I brought out some more ping pong balls.  Play was not really what happened when I was in the room, but I could hear them once I left.

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