Thursday, July 14, 2011

The kittens are free!!

So last night I walked into the kitten room and little Miss "I Need To Have Everything Right Now" started screaming at me (the long haired tabby/calico apple headed kitten)  She has a way of screaming (not meowing mind you) that would make someone who is not looking at her think you were being horrible.  I got out a bowl put some food in it, and put it and her on the floor.

well that shut her up for a moment, then she realized she wasn't getting patted and she screamed again, but by that time I had put a few of her siblings down with her. She took a second and looked around.  She was out of the cage.. there was room to run around it.. this was enough of a distraction that both attention and food were forgotten about.

I had time to sit and watch them, and they were quite adventerous.  Little Miss Tortie was the first to climb my leg and get in my lap.  Little Miss INTHERN (I swear I can turn that into a real name) was the first to attempt to climb the cat tree.  Little Miss Little Orange was the first to stop playing and meow for attention, and Little Miss Bigger Orange quickly pounced on her.

The tortie is quite a character.. She seems to know the world will give her everything she wants and she just sits there and waits for it.  INTHERN wants it all and wants it all NOW!!!  she was in my lap getting attention and left to play, and when she hit the floor she realized she wasn't being patted any more and ... she yelled at me for it!!  lol.

They were quite adept at getting on the couch, jumping off, climbing the two cat trees and getting off of them, so I left them free roaming.  This morning they were so happy to see me, and the room wasn't destroyed, so it's all good.  Man these are fun kittens.

I started to regret taking two litters at one time, as I said before it is a bit overwhelming.  I got to thinking about all the problems having a set of kittens in my bathroom creates (and has created but more on that in a bit) but I really have the best of both worlds.  Kittens who are full of personality and energy and fun, and kittens who need extra attention and care.

I didn't take any more photos at this point, but I will on the weekend.

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  1. Mom's naming wheels just started spinning... :) Ivy is a torbie like INTHERN and she is very much the same. Can't wait to see pics!


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