Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kate & Pippa

Well the stool sample I brought in to the shelter yesterday was deemed inconclusive, so they recommended I put them on the panacur. this is not fun. Pippa reacts worse to being medicated. I need to go VERY slowly or she reacts so badly that I can't hold on to her anymore.... which is saying a lot because I have a lot of experience holding feral kittens who get ticked.
this morning Pippa came right up to me and meowed at me. It was so cute. I went to pat her and she backed off, but when I straighted up she started up again. Kate still is so fearful. I ended up taking her for a walk through the house and showed her my other kitties. She seemed to like that. I brought her back and put her down and got another hiss. I figured it was time to break out the Rescue Remedy and gave her a dose directly and put some more in their water.

Ok, we'll eat near you


Enticing Kate and Pippa with a toy

Pippa with Kate in back


Kate about to run
The video stars out with Pippa.  Kate shows up a little bit later.  Pippa once she stars playing will jump up on my lap to get a better pounce on the toy which is a lot of fun.  Although the fact that I wore shorts yesterday left me with several kitten scratches on my ankles.  Kate still doesn't like it when I look at her.  I can get her to play if I "ignore" her.


  1. OMG, there is nothing in the world as cute as kittens. They're beautiful! I'm sure you'll bring them around in no time.

  2. Those are some energetic kittens! Whatever they have, it doesn't appear to be slowing them down much!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Kind of random, but hoping to one day foster some kittens (maybe not as young as the ones you do) and wondering if you had an email that I could send you some questions at? mines would be greatly appreciated, thanks

    BTW keep up the great work with the kittens and say hi to the crew for me :)


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