Monday, July 4, 2011

Cat Scans

Happy Fourth of July.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.

Many years ago we got a hand me down table and chairs from a family member.  It is a great set, and I loved that the leaves were built into the table (you pulled them out and up).  I didn't like that the legs were connected with an X at the base so the chairs didn't fit under it well and it was hard to clean under.  A few years after we got it I left a pumpkin on there a bit too long and it rotted and ruined a small part of the top of the table.   I wanted to get it refinished, but there was still a lot wrong with the table so I never did.

We have not actively looked for a new kitchen table, but we were open to finding one.  I recently looked at a furniture store that was closing, and while I found one I kind a liked, the complete lack of customer service made me walk out the door with out even talking to someone about it.

Well Saturday we went out looking for flooring for the kitten room.  The linoleum we bought last year is ripping and it was cheap to begin with (I wanted to see how it would work out) so for something to do while I don't have kittens I went looking at what alternatives were out there.

I saw some nice flooring at the local salvage store, but it was way more then I wanted to spend (over $400)  The nicest piece of linoleum they had was almost $300.  so we left and went to a discount close out store.  They had flooring that would work for $170... still more then I wanted to pay, but I had a feeling this stuff would be a life long replacement and over the life time would be very cost efficient.

While we were there, we saw a table.  They had marked it down pretty dramatically ($99 for the table and $50 a chair) and I thought it was pretty.  DH thought it was nice, and they had the right number of chairs (six) despite there being lesson the floor.  So we bought it. I'm not really sure it fits in the house.  While we have no set theme, I do like things I own in a room have the same "feeling".  This feels a little too country for the slightly modern room we have going on.  We can return it if I decide it doesn't work.

We brought it home yesterday and set it up, and the following photos depict pretty accurately the mood of the house.
We are not getting anywhere near that!!

Well, maybe I'll check it out

No, THIS is how you check it out...

All set up, notice no kitties

another view

I am the first kitty to climb mount table...
Just to add to the fun purchases to the day, we went to the big box stores to look at flooring and fridges.  I want a new fridge, but like the table there is nothing REALLY wrong with it, so I'm waiting to find a really good deal.  There was one fridge that was great but it was the floor model (was almost half price).  I waited too long to decide I wanted it and they sold it.   The other deal of the day was that someone had cut a piece of linoleum and then realized it wouldn't fit so I got it for half the price.  I got a good piece of very thick linoleum for $60, and I'm quite happy about it.  I'm guessing I'll have to replace it in a few years but at least I'll know that the thicker linoleum won't hold up to wild and crazy kittens and I won't feel so hesitant about spending $200 on flooring.


  1. Well, if the Cats approve...

    Have a Wonderful Independence Day!

  2. Bargain shopping is great and you did really well! If you ever decide you want to change the look, you can always keep the table and go with different chairs, just to mix things up. Looks like a great purchase, we think!

    Happy July 4th to you all!

  3. I think the new table looks great--the chairs make it look more modern than country, in my opinion.


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