Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kate and Pippa

Well this morning I decided on two names for my six girls.  The little gray kittens are going to be called Kate and Pippa.. (or should I be more politically correct and call her Kathrine?)

I'm considering Kate for the larger of the two, but she is more fearful and quick to hiss... but then "waity katie" seems appropriate for her..

They did fine last night, using the box (although they are both suffering pretty badly from very watery diarrhea) and nibbled on the fishy food I put down for them.  I wanted to make sure they smelled it. (them and every other cat in the house.. the crew sat out side the door most of the night)

This morning they weren't hiding in the carrier, so I assumed both of them were in the cloth teepee bed I put in there for them.  I don't like to blindly grab kittens, so I peeked in and saw one little head and grabbed her (turned out to be Kate) She was so intent on getting away she was unable to accept any love or attention.  I finally distracted her with a bit of food in her mouth, but I could literately hear her trying to figure out how to get away from me.  I kept peeking in the teepee to find the other kitten and I couldn't see her.  Finally I blindly felt around the teepee and could not find her.  Being that we were in the bathroom and I couldn't see her anywhere I started to wonder how on earth she could sneak out and where she could be.  After a few minutes of not letting myself panic, I realized she could fit behind the carrier, and low and behold there she was.    I picked Pippa up and while she was scared, she was able to accept attention.

I then put them down, and I got a hiss from Kate before she ran off.  Now in my house, hisses mean kisses (from kitties who can't bite my lips off) so that meant I had to go after her again.. This time she wasn't as panicked when I held her, and I put her down pretty quickly and right in front of her hidey hole.  Pippa was a bit more interested in me, and I got her playing with the "hand monster" (aka my wiggling fingers and her being brave enough to smack them).  I even heard her purr for a moment.

Because of the diarrhea, I decided to offer them a little raw food.  By the time I got back into the bathroom both were in the teepee.  I put the food in there with them, and Pippa went right at it.  Kate was having nothing to do with yet another foreign intruder, so I decided to pull it out and then pull her out to try to force her to try it.  Well Pippa came right out after the food, and Kate decided to pop her head out and give it a taste.  She liked it and ate quickly.  I gave her a little pat on her head and left for work (and I swear she thought hissed at me because her mouth was full)

So I see Pippa overcoming this fear pretty quickly.. Kate.. Kate needs to decide that I'm not evil or at least dealing with evil gets her good things so she is willing.  I have a feeling it is going to take a while but it is possible.


  1. We feel your pain - Lucy was VERY much like Kate. And now she begs for attention and yowls when you put her down. But it has taken time and patience. Mom loves that you says hissy kittens get kisses - she does this too (and employees it on Ivy sometimes too). Good luck!!

  2. Kate and Pippa are wonderful names for the 2 little tykes.

  3. Well I did think they looked a bit like a British Short Hair..


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