Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meet the babies

Little Miss Little Orange
She is gaining weight all be it slowly. She is all bones and fur and purr with a huge heaping does of sweetness thrown in. She really enjoys being on my lap and patted.
In this shot you can see how frail she looks..
She likes looking in the camera.

Little Miss Big Orange
She is such a ham

Little Miss INTHERN
She is doing well.. she tends to suck on the food hence her face is all dirty

Little  Miss Tortie

Yup, she's special..

Little Miss Spider Kitties..


  1. Time to fatten up these lil' ones! I'm so partial to Orange kittens.

  2. A bit of TLC and good food will work wonders! Such adorable babies. Smooches to them all!

  3. Spider kitties!

    Spider kitties!

    Doing everything a spider pities!

    They climb the post!

    They climb your legs!

    Da da da da da DA da da...

  4. Oh my gosh their so old are they?

  5. they were about four weeks old at this point.


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