Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Worried for Kate

Apparently I'm a worrier.. Yup.. that's what I do.

Pippa is slowly coming around.  She still runs when I walk in the room, but it is just a few steps.  She cringes when I bend down to pat her, but she does accept it, and she purrs easily.  I took her for a walk through the house last night and I SWEAR she has a crush on Skippy.  She didn't get upset at any of the cats (not even Fleurp who actually hissed at her) but when she saw Skippy she started purring so loudly, it was freakingly adorable.

Kate however.. *sigh*  I'll be the first to admit there has been SOME progress.  My husband is on vacation so I've asked him to just go in there from time to time.  He does. He sits with them, pats them if he feels they want it.  He's a very kind soul and kittens usually cover him up.  She doesn't hiss at him as much as she used to.  I even got her to purr once (I was patting her and started patting her belly - but since then she's been very guarded with her belly)  Medicating has gotten easier.  They *let me* do it and don't freak out as much.    I've started dosing Kate with Rescue Remedy which she is also not a fan of (I've put it in the water as well) but when I walk in the room if she isn't already hiding she runs and she hisses at me when I go to pick her up.  I fear for her, because who wants to adopt a "sullen depressed emo teenager" kitten?

One thing gets me though.  After all this time I *just* realized that Kate has extra back toes.  Five on each foot instead of the standard four.  I'm glad Pippa doesn't have them, because getting to tell them apart is pretty difficult (except for the whole Pippa purrs thing)

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  1. It can be so hard. I ended up "using" my older male cat Tim to help my scaredy kittens come around. And now watching Lucy beg for attention at the shelter, you would never guess she spent the first day trying to whack me and the first couple of weeks hissing at me everytime she saw me. Celebrate the small victories and know you are making progress - no matter how slow it seems.


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