Friday, July 22, 2011

I swear I don't live on a farm..

Hey Kit, whatcha looking at?


Girl turkeys..
The boy was no where to be seen.  Usually he walks around with his harem but apparently not today.  We see them randomly every month or so, they must have 'rounds' they make.

Then later on I saw Twee looking out the front door window to this...
My BFF is back..

Yup, I'm bad, my BFF is a cat.. whatcha gonna do about it?
This is the chipmunk that lives under our porch.  S/he comes out and sits on the edge of the porch.  Twee and Fleurp both love sitting there watching for it.

Speaking of Twee...
She brought her favorite toy to Kate and Pippa.  She's been sitting outside the room they are in just waiting for them.  Twee honey, you are going to have a very long wait.. since I don't mingle my residents with fosters..


  1. Mmm, turkey! Keep an eye out on the fattest one, Thanksgiving isn't THAT far away, really. LOL.

    Aw, poor Twee. We think it's so sweet you brought your toy to the fosters, too bad you can't play with them!

    One of mom's former co-workers used to foster and once everyone was settled and adjusted, they were given play time with the resident cats every day. Great for socialization--she had a cranky Himmie, a tabby girl, and a wonderful male Ragdoll who was the purrfect "uncle" for kittens. :-)

  2. mmmmmm, turkey! Fresh, and not outta a friskie's can! The best we can do around here is a stringy old road-runner.

  3. Here's the problem with wild turkeys: you can hunt them (with a permit) in season, but you can't hunt them on your street. It has to be done way away from settlement.


    They're not really good eating, anyway - the meat tends towards the dry and stringy...

    In a non-turkey related matter, I just have to ask one question: how adorable is Twee sitting there with a toy for the kittens?

  4. I'd never hunt... My boss once made me buy baby quail for his hunting dogs to flush and even that bothered me. Besides, the cats have so much fun watching the turkeys walk around the house, i'd never do anything to interfer with them coming by.

    Twee is really cute. Skippy has sat outside the door too. I hope they are telling Kate and Pippa that I'm an OK human.

    I used to let my fosters mingle with my residents, but I won't any more


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