Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random thoughts

Well I've been waiting for kittens for *checks widget* 29 days.. well probably a little longer because I could have taken kittens while I had my last foster..

I keep meaning to do posts on The Crew, but they don't seem nearly as well received as kitten posts. and I guess I get a little defensive when I share uber cute photos of my kitties and you all don't gush over them as you do the kittens.  Not that I blame any of you.  I totally get it and I personally seem to tend to gush more over kittens myself (well except Dante, but he's pretty freakin impressive.  I mean EVERYONE at work commented on him when I had him as my screen saver, but no one commented on any photos of my own cats I've had up there over the years)

I've also been looking at my keyword cloud over there and noticed I haven't chatted about my boy Eli nearly as much as I have the others.  There are reasons for that as he's just not that into us as the others are also he tends to run and hide when the camera comes out.  Now that static season is here we are seeing more and more of him.  I so wish I could get a video of him lovin the static, but the one time I was near him, a camera, and a light switch it didn't work.

I was watching TV the other day and saw on The Colbert Report that The Westminster Kennel Club dropped Pedigree as a sponsor because they were too ... how did he/they put it... too pro-shelter dogs? something like that.  I couldn't believe it.  I've never been a big fan of pure bred anything in the past.  I mean I get it.  When I look at Dante I see how freakingly impressive he is and would be sad to lose that, but it is just so hard to get behind when I see that tens of thousands of animals - about one every eight seconds - are put to sleep every day.


I miss having kittens.  A small part of me wants them to not fix the pet overpopulation in my life time, but man that is selfish of me.. heck, if they fix it, I might just be "forced" to start breeding coons or forest cats.. :)
PS, I've also realized I have been typing yea when I mean to type yeah.. makes for some interesting reading on my part in past posts.. apparently to me "yea" is actually typed out "yea!!" and "yeah" is "yea".  I'll try to do better in the future to add in those missing h's.


  1. All your cats are gorgeous, though of course we gush more over babies. Kittens, puppies, foals, lambs...Though I might be one of the few human females who does NOT gush over human babies unless forced to pretend I care.

    A friend who lives about an hour away called last night, hadn't talked to her in a month or more. She has 4 stray cats of her own...and now has (temporarily, she hopes) a mom and her three 10-week old kittens. So 8 cats in her small house. She's going to have the mom spayed, and hopes that a local no-kill shelter will be able to take them. If not, she'll either keep them or try and find homes for them, but she's on a tight budget, really can't keep 8 cats. Two of the kittens need to be socialized with humans; one of them (a boy) already is affectionate and snuggly.

    I was briefly tempted to say I'd take two...or all three...but really in my heart don't feel ready to make another life-long commitment.

    Plus there are the costs to consider, which I know I wouldn't be able to manage.

    But I've never had young kittens, Nicki and Derry were both 6 months old when I adopted them.

  2. Well I haven't been following your blog for very long, but I can gush with the best of them at anything that has fur as the default skin covering be it small or large. So I would say, bring it on :)


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