Monday, February 27, 2012

Going to bed

Well Meira has no idea what's going on.  Once she realized she liked me rubbing her belly, she pretty much gave up trying to "push"  I kept telling her she needed to do some work here, and even mentioned she needed to lick her vulva to help things along (she did a few times, but getting to it is NOT easy).  After a couple of hours of rubbing and encouragement, and making her way too many different places for her to nest in, including taking the drawer out of the bureau for her, she decided to use the litter box.

I'm guessing it will be hours still.  She's not in any distress, her labor isn't so far along that you can actually feel the contractions and I was actually able to feel a kitten leg :)

So either I'm going to have kittens in the morning, or that wasn't a mucus plug and this was all just a big hoax..

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