Friday, February 17, 2012

My Boy...

I'm worried.  I'm over reacting I'm sure, but I'm worried..

My husband left for the night early.  He stopped home before I even got out of work and fed the kitties and packed and left.  So when I got home I did a little work then went to bed to get a good night's sleep.  I was woken several times by the kitties wanting love, but I just moved them aside and went back to sleep.

I was late getting going and was running late to get to work. I only work a half day on Friday, so I figured I'd feed the kitties when I got home.  Jack was sitting on the box looking at Mirror mom and looking mopey.  I figured he thought he wasn't getting breakfast, so I took a few minutes and broke out some canned food (a rare treat) He came over to look at it, but didn't eat any in the kitchen.  He came to inspect the food in the bathroom (where the younger cats eat) and he didn't want any of that either.  I gave him a scoop all his own, and he said no thanks - now I was concerned.  But it could have been that one of the other kitties was nosing in on it, so I wasn't quite disturbed yet.

In case you didn't know, Jack has the nick name of the garbage disposal. Muffin is the dishwasher, so I give up any plates that have kitty like food on them, and the dishwasher and the garbage disposal will take care of them.  so this was concerning.

So I went to him and offered him the spoon I was using that had food bits on it.  No go, he walked away and went back to stare at mirror world.  So I walked over there and offered him the spoon again.  Nope.  I broke out treats.  Freeze dried food was a no go, as was dry food - Jack NEVER refuses dry food.  He sniffed at it, nosed at it, might have eaten one piece, but then walked away again.  I offered some deli turkey - another treat never refused.  at this point the rest of the crew was enjoying his left overs so we were alone.

I gave him a once over.. his mouth looks fine, he looks fine, he doesn't feel tender anywhere, nor does he have a full bladder (he has blocked in the past)

So I left him alone and I'll try again at lunch time.

I'm rather worried.  and I'm perfectly OK with overreacting..


  1. I do the same thing.... I find myself lurking near the litterboxes if I see diarrhea or suspect constipation....

    It could be just an upset tummy...but I think its ok to be "better safe than sorry" and keep an eye on him! :)

  2. I would worry, but experience shows kitties do have off days and soon recover. But if it still continues after a couple of days, or you notice something else, I would consult the vet. Hope all is well soon x

  3. Not overreacting. I'd have made a vet appointment, completely paranoid. Hope he starts eating, though. It's not constipation, is it? Hairball?

    Purrs from the boys and fingers crossed from me!

  4. I sure hope he has a hairball or something and eats later today. Purrs that this passes!


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