Friday, February 24, 2012


Is it snuggle time YET!?!
As I am attempting to post Little Miss Queen Diva's photo, she is trying to worm her way on to my chest (and at 15 lbs, there is nothing subtle about it) and isn't taking no for an answer.  Each time she licks my hand I throw her off, so currently she is licking my arm... Smart girl. (and then she just lifted her head for a kiss)

I have come to discover she is a drama queen when it comes to the other cats.  They like to start scuffles for fun, and one kitty (Skippy) or another (Twee or Fleurp) will try to wrestle with her, and she puts up with them for all of two seconds, then will start hissing and whining like they have been harassing her all day.  I wish they would learn to walk way when she starts doing that, but they don't. They know she's just being overly dramatic..

I was just checking my webstats, and someone found a picture of Muffin (originally known as Scooter) through some websearch.. I thought I would share it.


  1. Little girl has grown into a beauty!

  2. Wow, she has grown up into a stunning cat!


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