Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the goings on..

I took some wonderful close up shots of most of the crew, and intend to post those, but we postpone the beauty for the major goings on at the house..

My husband works with a gentleman who does energy efficiency testing..  he's got the cool thermal camera (it has a cool laser beam attached to it so you can see exactly where you are looking)  and he had the giant blower thing to "depressurize the house" to see where our leaks were.

Now this house was built in 2004.. so it shouldn't be an issue, but it is.  Each winter I've been colder and colder and when I saw the state advertising that it would be a good idea, I told my husband we should do it.  I'm glad we knew someone, because he did it free of charge (mostly because we didn't ask for the reports that you need when applying for weatherization grants which apparently take him a long time to do) I felt a little silly because a few things I thought were causing problems weren't, but when I realized what was causing the issues I wasn't nearly as wrong as I originally thought I was.  Apparently we are severely lacking in insulation in several areas and will need to get someone to come in and take care of that.. and the vents in the bathroom were pouring in cold air. Apparently they are supposed to have a baffle so they don't do that, but we were told he hasn't seen one yet that worked as it was supposed to.  There is another major leak near the chimney which is pretty easily fixable which is good.

He also praised the virtues of a pellet stove.  We have a guy coming from a fireplace store to inspect the house for a possible gas fireplace  (not quite sure we can afford the whole major upgrades we'd need since the wall we want to put it on has the heating element on it) and now we are going to talk to him about installing one of those too. I so need to go out and buy a lottery ticket hun?

Anyway, I was so certain that I wouldn't see the kitties for hours but they were pretty much all front and center investigating the goings on.  Muffin wasn't - which is no big surprise.  Skippy wasn't either which was a big surprise.  He was hiding in the rafters in the basement.  He's usually out and about enjoying company.  Guess the big fan was too much for him.  And of course Eli.  Eli just isn't a joiner under the best of circumstances.. Kit however was FASCINATED!!
What's this??
Fleurp, do you know??
About to make a big noise
Jack was nonplussed.
He did his flat Jack impersonation and made biscuits.
Dinner was a bit delayed by all the hubbub, and once the house was restored to just the nine of us, dinner was served and all was forgiven

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