Sunday, February 12, 2012


I think I've mentioned before that my cats favorite time of day are those precious moments of first consciousness of my day.  I am not sure why they are so over the top at that point of the day.  Maybe they think I'm helpless and they are trying to protect me.  Maybe they just want to make sure I start my day with love.  *shrug* no idea... and I guess it really doesn't matter.

Generally the morning is sharing time, and they are OK with piling up on me and getting in each others personal space.  But this morning..

This morning was a little different.  My husband is out of town visiting family.  So Muffin was sleeping on his pillow.  I was curled on my side facing her with my hand near her on the pillow. I was  just becoming aware and I realized Jack had jumped up on the foot of the bed and was walking up the outside of the bed - up my back. For some reason he likes sitting next to my back when I'm on my side..

So Muffin reached out and put her paw on my wrist as if to say "MINE!"

I love that big fluffy diva girl of mine..


  1. Aww, Muffin, your human has enough love and attention for all of you. Really. :-)

    So sweet. I love it when Derry does that with me.

  2. Aw, I love those moments.


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