Monday, February 13, 2012

Kitten Fever

mhm .. yesh...  you has a fever
Well I think it is official, I have kitten fever.  I hadn't been able to stop thinking about Locksly since I met him, so I was going to go visit him on Sunday but I thought I'd call and make sure he was still there, and alas, he was adopted on the 11th.  Good for him, sad for me.
funny pictures
Yup, cause 7 cats just aren't enough.. *rolls eyes*  yes, you can feel free to laugh at me. I mean I am very happy for him, and I know full well that adopting him just wasn't an option.. but that doesn't stop the heart from wanting..

*shrug*  I can't have them all..

You ok?  Need a dose of cute?
apparently i need a room full of cute..Where are the kittens?!?!?


  1. We tell mom that is why she is allowed to foster - temporary cute without any more permanent additions!!! MOL

  2. My incumbent cats are keeping me on a tight leash. I tried to bring in a 5th cat once and to say it did not go well is an understatement! I can have kitten fever all I like, but it has to be contained at the shelter when I volunteer! :P

  3. Sounds like you got it bad! Kitty fever is practically a pandemic around here!


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