Friday, February 10, 2012

Stopped by the Shelter.

Well I made it by the shelter on Friday to pick up some supplies. They had a slew of litter, since I already had a bunch, I just picked up a few boxes and some cans and a bag of dry.  I then walked through the shelter to see who was there.

There was a sweet kitty that looked a bit like my Ollie except she had a spot in one of her eyes.  I'm also guessing she was a she because I didn't actually look. (although I just saw her on the website, yup, a girl)  I got a little misty eyed.  I went to peek at the rabbits when a petite little calico in the next room called to me.  She took one look at me and walked toward me, jumping up on the box to get closer and pawed at the window.  How could I resist.  So I went in and learned her name was "Irma".  She was really sweet, but way too hesitant to play with the toy I picked out.  However "Locksly" a little long haired white boy with one blue eye.  I really wanted him to be a girl, but alas he was all boy.  He was a little less hesitant to play with the toy, and once he got the feel of it he was almost a little spaz playing.. it made me laugh.  After a bit Irma started to play too and she was all girl.  Locksly was all over everything so giving Irma the attention she seemed to ask for wasn't really an option.  I finally distracted him and picked her up and gave her a cuddle.  She seemed to really enjoy it and I got her purring.  There was a young woman walking around the shelter and she came in the room.  I identified myself as someone who wasn't about to adopt. The young woman decided to adopt Irma.  She wasn't sure if she should just out and out adopt her or go home and think about it.  I commented that both options had their merits.  I mean this is a commitment for 15-20 years, but the shelter doesn't hold kitties so there was the option that she might not be there tomorrow.  I think she decided to take her home, because a few minutes later the staff came in to check Irma's age (over 6 months of age and they wave the adoption fee)

I ended up moving on, so I don't know if Irma went home or not.. I kinda hope she did, but it is a commitment. 

I also walked into another room and saw a plethora of orange kitties.. I was a little surprised at that.  There aren't often that many.  One girl was 10 years old and not more then skin and bones.  They had her on a special feeding schedule to try to plump her up, but she ignored the last feeding and it was sitting there getting old.  I felt bad for her, and tried to give her some lovin, but she said "thanks, but I'm taking a  nap" so I let her be.

Suzie was still there.  She was the girl I showed you a photo of last time who had a smaller eye then the other  :(  She was such a sweetie.  Apparently she has a sensitive stomach so she was in a cage by herself in the lobby.  I hope someone takes her soon!

I must say kitten fever must be brewing and is about ready to erupt.. because I can't tell you how close I came to taking Locksly home.. (this isn't Locksly.. but looks close enough.. but he only had one blue eye)


  1. I hope Irma got her forever home .... and Locksly too !

  2. Oh, the Suzie looks like a sweetie, even if her eyes aren't perfect.


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