Friday, February 3, 2012

Cat Breading

Now if I had a piece of bread in my house last night/this morning I so would have done this to Jack.. (and he would so let me because he would get to try to eat it)
Image from
Seriously?? this is a meme?? and just like the first person to eat curdled milk and lobster, you have to wonder what the first person to do this was thinking..

and I just LOVE the face on this cat.. A little to "oh please" to be Jack's face, he'd be like "So I get to eat this right??"

And yes, I heard it on Steven Colbert.  Apparently so did a bunch of other people.

But I'd never try to do this to Muffin.. She's bigger then my head and can suffocate me in my sleep.. :)

(although rereading this post to proof it, I have to wonder if the first person to do this did it because, like Jack would, their cat was sitting at their feet screaming at them while they made a sandwich)

(oh man, now I really want to do it to see what would happen.  Muffin would try to eat the bread, so would Fleurp.. I wonder if Jack would be afraid they would eat him, or if he would run off with his bread to try to eat it all by himself.. I think I'm going to be giggling over this mental image all day)


  1. cat! :P

  2. If you're a cat breading newbie looking for a few tips, check out this tutorial on cat breading


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