Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentine

OK, you asked for it :)  (don't feel the need to gush over my boy if you don't want to.. )

My sweet sweet husband chokes on Valentines day every year for the past ... well lets just say since I've known him.  This year is no exception. 
Ahh, Ma chérie, Fret not, I am with you..
and I shall let you pat me and love on me
Pay no attention to the man behind the kitty (click to bigify for full effect)
Thank you Jack.. that is oh so kind of you..
Think nothing of it.. and can you get a little to the left??
I also bought myself a little valentine.  As you may or may not remember, I posted a while back some things I really would like.. Well Matthew Ross did some special Valentine kitties.. and they were much cheaper then his full size kitties, and one looked so much like Jack I could not resist.  I had to sit and stalk his Etsy page because they kept selling out on me..
It is tiny, that is a coaster right next to it, but it makes me smile.  (I just wish the nose was a gray or a dark gray not black, but I can't complain)  (and yes, I have a think for pumpkins... )


  1. I had a great Valentines Day! I spent the morning volunteering at the Cat Shelter and then I spent the rest of the day with my own cats.... Cats are wonderful Valentines dates, are they not!? :)

  2. ...and Jack looks like a happy spoiled boy! :)

  3. I choke on Valentine's Day too, always did, so I can relate to your husband. LOL.

    Jack looks like such a sweet "teddy bear." :-)

    And that Valentine is so adorable. Love how you put it, "sit and stalk his Etsy page."

  4. Would Jack appreciate the odd gush? Sweet boy. Love the card. Made me smile :)


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