Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are you ready?

Are you sure??   I mean these ARE the first babies of 2012 for me.. so if you aren't sitting down or have something hot and scalding in your hands, don't blame me..

well you can blame me for uncontrollable bursts of squee..

I was sleeping late because I didn't get to bed until late last night.  My husband comes rushing down the hall and before he made it into the bedroom I knew I had kittens.. and yes, he declares, we have kittens..

I go down and see this.  Doesn't she look all pleased with herself??

Only problem is I can't see any kittens.. I feel the need to check and make sure everyone is doing OK and to change out bedding if need be after the birth.  Meira is not in the mood to share right now, so I took the cover off..
Still not sharing
She's such a newbie at all this.  I keep telling her I know what I'm doing, but she is so unsure of trusting me on each new step, so I go slowly and remind her I'm good, and I can help her and her new offspring. I keep hearing from her, "well yes, OK you were right about all those other things, but this??" I just smile and kiss her and slowly plod along..   Finally, my first peek..
this file is HUGE
you can biggify to get the full effect of the first viewing
Awww.. how sweet.. three babies.. sadly they are all dark, I was hoping for another Nebelung in the group.. then I noticed her leg twitched in a way her leg shouldn't twitch, and realized that was a gray baby on her.. YEA!!  a gray one.. but alas I don't see this one being Nebelung-ish.. there is too much white on the face and paws.  *shrug* that's OK cause all kittens are cute.

Next comes the removal to check to see if they are OK.  If the cords were chewed off properly and didn't create hernias, and that limbs look in tact, make sure they are active and healthy looking and to sex out the kittens.. First one I pulled out was a girl, followed by a boy with double paws, and a boy with really LONG toes.. When I took a second look at one of the boys, I saw this..
Is that orange or brown??
I thought I had a girl because it looks like a tortie.. but I looked a second time, and it is most definitely a boy..  I so can't wait to see what happens with this one.  Then I got to the gray one, and it SCREAMED at being taken away from the milk bar.  This distressed Meira and she came to grab her babies back. I took a quick peek and saw we have a girl.. a drama queen for certain!! I calmed the kittens right down, and told Meira to take these few seconds to compose herself.  See Meira was a mess before giving birth, and giving birth in tight quarters after moving the towel from the back end of the cage didn't help matters one bit.  The towel also smelled pretty badly of urine.  She tried to tidy up and I tried to help her but she really wasn't ready for help (if I wanted to give her a bath before, I REALLY want to give her one now, but that will have to wait) and so a quick bedding change later I stuck the kittens back in the carrier with her, took a few more pictures then covered the whole thing up and left for work.  I did get the web cam running, but right now there is very little more to see then the back of Meira's head while she sleeps or grooms the kittens.

This is going to be fun!
I love how Meira's paw is in focus
The Great Protector


  1. Oh, squeeeee! You weren't kidding when you said she was "really pregnant!" Those babes are adorable, especially the gray one with the white nose. I'm glad they are doing well. I look forward to more pics.

  2. KITTENS!!!!!
    What a great job Meira did...I can't wait to watch them grow. Give the new Momma a *smooch* from me.

  3. I’m glad I wasn’t holding anything hot and wet!!! Big squeeee from me too. :)))) Hope all continues to go well!

  4. YEAH!! Concats and purrs to the new mom and babies!

  5. Congrats on the newborns...what a lovely family!

  6. Congratulations, Granny!
    Your streak of long, extra toesies is holding.

  7. Congratulations to mom and foster mom! Well done!

    They are just precious, Connie.

    I had Nicki at the vet for his anal glands this aft, and I saw a woman hand over a gorgeous, long haired charcoal grey cat to a staff member...She went into one of the rooms and eventually came out alone, crying. Of course that made me cry, thinking of Annie and of how her heart must hurt.

    So here it is, the cliche of the circle of life. Newborns to make their way in the world, and I hope to be loved and cherished for their entire lives, however long they have.


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