Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm a sucker for a kitty on a TV show

First it was Wilson on House.. Today it is Roe Saunders on Unforgettable.  Roe finds a kitten on his way home and brings it home.  He is made fun of (laugh at, make light of.. you choose your descriptive term of choice).  He names it.  He is made fun of and told not to get too attached.  He gets attached but he's allergic.  He's made fun of again, and in the end he rehomes the kitty.  A co-worker's niece is going to take it.

I was a little sad that the co-workers took the whole thing as they did.  Homeless kitties are not really all that funny, and it wasn't taken all that seriously EXCEPT by Roe.. Well and only he took this one kitty seriously.. but then again, until we fall in love it can be all too easy to dismiss things. I do think they missed a great big opportunity to talk about pet overpopulation, but hey, one step at a time.  I mean when was the last time you saw a homeless pet on a national TV show?

I want to praise Kevin Rankin's performance.  He was heartwarming, and sweet, and he played the rehoming bit so true.  I swear I've done the exact same thing, as I'm sure any of my former fosters new parents could tell you.

I wish I could link to the scene.  Unfortunately CBS in it's infinite wisdom has decided you can either watch the newest episode or some from months ago.  So you can keep an eye out on their website for the episode. I grabbed a few screen shots from my tivo.. Hopefully CBS won't object to them since this is mostly a love letter to the episode..

Kevin, "Stanley" and Daya Vaidya
Did I mention I loved how Kevin played the goodbye?  Unfortunately screen shots do not convey that emotion very well.

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