Monday, February 27, 2012


My little loner boy, Eli... I often overlook him and I believe he is beyond OK with that.  I believe he designs his day around being overlooked.  See Eli spent the first six months of his life being medicated and he very much hated that.

Several battles with URI (mainly calcivirus which included a severely blistered tongue) left his tear ducts scared and as a result his tears fall all over his face..
this is a good day..

So for the next few years when I could get my hands on him I was cleaning out his ears (because of the back up it caused massive debris in his ears too) or wiping his face or nose.. (he gets nose crusties)   Now that he is 10 years old (Oh.. My.. Goodness.. how did he become ten!?!) he's a little more of a mancat and can take my administrations to make him healthy.. But he doesn't have to like it..

That and his complete love of static.. I can pat him more in the winter then any other time of year.  I so hope to get a video of it one of these days.. When it is dry enough, and dark enough, I can see the sparks fly of him, and he can't get enough of it.. Then last week he was sitting on my head when I woke up.. which for him is huge.. Usually he has absolutely no use for us other then food and static..

I also want to mention that we almost never call him Eli.  We usually call him Squeaky, because he has a squeak of a meow..  a little bit like a holding the open end of a balloon taught and letting out air.  Sometimes it is just short squeak, but sometimes he has whole conversations this way.  I originally worried there was something wrong with his vocal cords, until one day I took him to the vet and he let out an actual full on meow.. Apparently, he just prefers to squeak.  The fun part is when we see him we call out SQEAKY!! (like they called out NORM!! on Cheers) and he always replies by squeaking at us.. (but not when we call him Eli!!)


  1. I also fear that I overlook one of my incredibly spoiled cats....I don't want any of them to feel jealous of one another.... but as I say, they are spoiled in general so maybe I shouldn't be anxious about that....

    Eli definitely looks like a happy kitty, even with his eye issues...

  2. What a sweet, unassuming boy. I cracked up that he likes static charges--my CC is the same way! It must give 'em a little thrill to make sparks all over.


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