Sunday, February 19, 2012

A visitor

Let me remind you I live in Maine. Let me also remind you that it FEBRUARY! So this post is coming to you "live" in Maine in February..

I went out for a bit and came home and saw this..
Hi there, just stopping by
 I was so sure it was dead, because it made no sense that it would be in my garage if that was the case, because a) it wasn't there earlier, and b) the door was closed.  So I took a closer look and s/he was moving.  What on earth is a live woolly bear caterpillar doing roaming around in February in MAINE!!  OK Granted it has been warm up here recently, but doesn't he keep a calendar in his little fuzzy pocket?? ;)

So to keep him safe, I removed him from the place the cars travel a lot, and put him/her back outside.
Safe Journeys little fuzzy one

Muffin says she is not impressed with fuzzy things..


  1. You mean you did not bring it in for the cats to snack on? Heh.

  2. I'm glad you explained what it was! Those are a bit scarce this side of the pond. It looked like a feather duster!!! Granted I didn't have my specs on! :)

  3. I too am in Maine and when I left for work this morning, I heard birds tweeting...not the usual black birds....TWEETING!!! How exciting is that!?


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