Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can I post too often??

I am at work, watching the web cam of Meira, and it is VERY uninteresting.. So I got distracted and buried the viewer under some work. 

Well I just checked back in and noticed all of the food I fed her for breakfast that she didn't touch because she was too busy nursing is all gone!!  I gave her a triple portion of raw food (raw to help with her diarrhea - triple cause I figure she'd nosh on it all day) and she ate it ALL.. Poor girl.  I should so weigh her so you get a sense of just how tiny she is and how much work it must be nursing all four kittens constantly..

It does distress her when I examine her kits, but I feel the need to do so to make sure things are going well.  And yes this morning they were all warm and happy and felt heavy so things are progressing as they should.  I think one of the black boys has a smidge of a hernia, but we'll cross that bridge once the cord is off, and once he gets bigger.. (if he does, they will correct it when they neuter him) I also think that Meira isn't eating the stool, but spiting it out, which means more bedding changes then she is going to like..


  1. You can't post too often about loveable lil kittens and Meira (the good momma)... And yes, handling the kittens is important for many reasons :)

    What a wonderful thing to come home to...

  2. I don't mind these extra posts--they are fun to read. Wow, poor thing must have famished!

  3. No, you can't post too often or show us too many photographs as the kittens grow.

    You sure have a lovely family there!
    Thanks for sharing.


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