Sunday, February 26, 2012

Big news, and even bigger news..

Well I wrote to the shelter a few days ago and let them know my kitten fever was getting a little out of control.  Yesterday I got an email that I unfortunately picked up after the shelter had closed and found out that they had a pregnant cat for me. I went down this morning and picked her up.

She is VERY pregnant.. and VERY small.  and fairly underweight.  You can feel her spine, but not the spikes of a really emaciated spine, which is something.  She's also got some pretty horrific diarrhea going on.  and it takes a lot for me to say horrific.  Remember Bug?  Remember how she came back because it was leaking out of her?? Yea well we have that going on - but on a bigger scale cause she's a slightly bigger cat.

She also seems young.  If she is a year old I would be highly surprised.  She also seems to be fully versed in the ways of living with humans, because she understands the kissy noise to get attention, and the faked holding a treat to get her to come.  She also seems to have a good grasp of what catnip is and what it is for.  She didn't get to enjoy it as much as she might have because she is so darn uncomfortable with the diarrhea and the kittens dancing on the colon from the inside. She's is also painfully smart.  I had several conversations with her and she seemed to fully understand what I was saying.  Not to mention she seems embarrassed by her diarrhea and the condition of her rear end.  I had to reassure her each time she left my lap that she was welcome back and it was OK if she got some poop on me (I wore clothing that it was OK for her to do that with) oh, and btw, she's a lap kitty.. She also loves kisses on her head like Jack does.

So the bigger news?? She's a Nebelung!!  I so can't wait to see what she produces for kittens!!!  Since she looks so much like Jack, I was going to call her Jill, but my husband suggested that if she got out of the kitten room Jack might think the mirror kitty some how got out of the mirror, so we are calling her Meira. And while looking up the proper spelling, I realized it is Hebrew for "light"  Nebelung is German in origin and refers to "mist"or "fog"  I don't know why, but some how it just seems to go well together.
Sorta shows how wide her belly is
I'm not being replaced am I??
Oh you silly boy, You are the kitty of my heart, there is no one even remotely like you.. But I do hope that Meira's fur fills out and looks similar to yours while she is here.


  1. Sweet and misty, yes! She is in good hands now...take care, Mama Cat...

  2. What a pretty little girl!

  3. Wow, look at her! She's lovely and she certainly does look like Jack. Purrs from the boys to her, hope the diarrhea issue is resolved soon--I'm sure she hopes it's resolved soon too.

    Well, those of us who follow your blog will be on kitten watch now. :-)

  4. Meira is a lovely name. I hope her dire rear clears up, bless her! Will also be very interested in seeing her kitties :)

  5. Bless your heart for helping this girl. She looks adorable. no matter what her name.

  6. LOVE the name....good luck with her and the impending kittens!

  7. Poor little girl! I'm sure you'll have her tummy sorted out soon--she is so pretty and Meira suits her well. KITTENS! You are gonna get 'em from the start!

  8. I can't believe I got so far behind in my blog reading that I missed this. I love the name - and she is SO beautiful!!!


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