Thursday, May 5, 2011

Worried about Bug

Most people wouldn't be worrying just yet, but I've got tendencies of paranoia when it comes to my kittens (history dictates that it isn't a bad idea).  She was quite ready to be fed this morning, so I quickly plopped her on the scale to see how she was doing and she was 290g.  Which means she is down a little.  I then gave her breakfast, and she ate the first 3ccs very heartily, then she broke off and didn't want any more.  I retested it to make sure the formula wasn't too hot nor too cold and it wasn't.  I tried again and gave her a little bit and she fought me pretty hard, so I let her be.  She once again went off to the side of her cage (her new spot) and .. hid? there.  Not sure if she is hiding or just liking the independence of being off to the side of everyone as the first time she sat over there I got the feeling she was quite proud of herself.

I then fed Jordan and when she saw mom eating she came for another bite but didn't like the new texture (before I had been feeding loaf type food, this was shredded) and she walked off.  I used the syringe to collect a little bit of the gravy, something she has previously loved, and she wasn't thrilled by it, but it might have been more of "don't shove stuff in my face lady!!"   So off she went to her spot and she shivered.  It was pathetic looking.  So I picked her up and put her back in the cage with her siblings.  I was about to out and out panic when she started batting at a toy, and then did a little interaction with her siblings.

I was hoping not to have to run home at lunch, but it looks like there is no way around it.  No way I could live with myself if I didn't.  I may try warming up canned kitten food and seeing if that interests her. 

On the litter box front, there was another pile of poop in the corner of the cage.  So I picked it up and put the litter box in that corner and filled the other corner with a bowl.  Lily was trying to get in the corner so I was afraid she was going to pee on the floor when she decided to check out the box again, climbed in, sniffed around a bit, and started digging.  This caught Jordan's attention and she came over and chirped at Lily, which was really cute.  This caught Nigel and Bug's attention and they came over to watch.  Nigel stood up on his back feet to get a better view (bet you wish I had this on video don't you?) and Lily proceeded to go pee!!  W2G little one..

Lily is proceeding right on schedule for growth and markers.  She's still not interested in solid food and she is starting to work on her running skills.  I love it when kittens try to run when they still don't fully have walking down yet.  The other two are a little erratic, but not worrisome (except Bug's lack of eating)


  1. I have noticed that they all progress so differently and depending on the day. Not that this keeps us from worrying. I had to laugh about the nails - my group has this ability and yet I still am scratched up. I also laugh about the group pee - I tell people that kittens are like teenage girls - they all have to go together. :)

  2. You are doing an amazing job with these little ones. The dedication and attention to details is just awesome. Not everyone would be able to take care of this little bunch!


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