Monday, May 16, 2011

Boy or Girl?

If you click on the image you'll get a larger size.  Take a peek and guess before reading more...

This is Lily.  Yup, a girl.  Those little freckles on her make her look very male doesn't it?
I'm also in love with the spot on the bottom of her foot.  She's just one for freckles.

in regards to my last "I'm worried" post, I'm still worried.  at least Lily isn't grinding her teeth as much recently, but she and Nigel are back under 400g, and Bug is 409.  By now they should be rounding 450g... *sigh*

*edited to add that after I posted this I fed them, and Lily was back to grinding her teeth this morning. I heard back from the shelter, and they are going to schedule a vet visit for them.  Hopefully we can get them back on the right track

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  1. Yay, my kitten sexing streak remains intact! I guessed young lady due to the proximity of... ummmm... portals, and the size of the upper one. But, yeah, those freckles make you look twice!

    Don't understand exactly why, but it seems to come naturally, even for the newborns. I have not guessed wrong yet. Ever. Even when I was a kid. Now that I've said this, of course, I'll blow the very next one!! LOL!

    So sorry I haven't been by to comment, Connie. Life is out of control again and I just skim Reader most days... I'm feeling like a very bad blog friend.

    Hugs'n'headbutts to your menagerie!


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