Thursday, May 5, 2011

good and bad

so Bug didn't eat lunch, but she weighed over 300g... so I'm thinking she found Jordan's food and had some.

I ran to the shelter to get some more supplies, and the spay neuter clinic is open!!  they carved out a small section of the building to make a tiny waiting area and a surgery room.  A few days a week they are going to be doing feline spay/neuter.  They hired a vet I used to work with, it was nice to see him again... even if it did take him a few minutes to recognize me (it's been a few years, a few lost pounds, and I grew my hair out)  I might be able to help out there on a Friday, which should be fun.

I posted about it when I heard they were going to do it, and I'm pretty sure I shared that this news made me cry happy tears.  We don't have an excessive of dogs up around here as they are quite regulated, but the cats can be overwhelming.  I can't wait to see what kind of a difference this makes long term.

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