Friday, May 6, 2011

Bug is totally off formula now

Bug totally rebelled when I tried to give her some.  I wondered yesterday if it wasn't the formula itself, since most kittens and cats just love it.  (I have to constantly push Jordan away when I'm feeding Lily and Nigel) so I made some KMR from a new container, and still no go.  So I'm done forcing it on her because I think it is just making her not like me so much. 

She is very content to eat canned food.  Her weight tells me not to worry.  The fact that I can still feel her spine a bit worries me, but I'm sure she'll fill out.

Nigel and Lily both used the box yesterday.  Both needed a little prompting to get into it (ok so I plopped them in it when I saw them squatting) but at least they didn't jump out.

and some dangerous news, Nigel has developed bedroom eyes.  This morning he crawled up into my lap, faced me, leaned back and batted at my fingers and looked at me with the "why can't we do this all the time" look.  If I had access to a phone at that moment I would have quit my job and given in.   Since I had to get up, I put him in the cage hoping to distract him long enough to get up but he immediately turned around and RAN to get back in my lap.  That boy... he's going to be a heart breaker..


  1. A cat wanting an early morning snuggle has made me late for work more than once!! I wanted to stop by and say hi and thank you for joining our belly contest! I got Fleurp's photo fine, but the link you left for Muffin's doesn't work. I saw it was labelled 2006_0506, so I checked the May 2006 blog archive, but I didn't see a photo that I thought you may be wanting to use. Can you send a new link for Muffin, please? Thanks again for playing!

    Your new friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  2. Kids today! They grow up so fast nowadays! Especially if their names are Bug!!

    Hope she and the little Lothario there continue to do well and surprise you... along with Lily, too!


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