Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bug a boo

Jill commented about Beulah over at Love and Hisses.  Wondering if my little Bug might just not be a wee bit small.

Well she had been keeping up with her siblings weights until this bout with coccida coupled with her refusal of kitten milk.    Kittens that young have a very hard time eating enough calories to make up for the calories it takes to eat it (small mouths and all that) so I knew she was behind the nutritional eight ball before she started with the loose stools.  Then coccidia tends to make the colon move so fast to get them out that it barely has enough time to absorb the nutrients she is eating.
so I worry.

I worry she can't eat enough, I worry she might be getting dehydrated from all the poopin.  Heck I just worry... but then again I've got cause.  One of my previous "little girls" actually had a malformation of her internal organs and her stomach was up in her chest.  Mew was a precious little thing (actually looked a bit like Bug now that I talk about her)

Mew - click on her to see more photos of her with her brothers

Mew didn't make it.  But my next "little girl" did.  Tilly was one kitten to a pair of adult cats that were brought into the shelter together. I took them both, and they delivered very close to one another.   The room was FULL of kitteny goodness, but after a while they turn into a boat load of work.  I finally send them all back and waited for Tilly to put on weight. 
 Well while she waited, she found a way to make DH fall in love with her, and they have been a pair ever since (and she's now Kit and is still a very petite cat)

On a side note, I was considering knighting my kittens, so they would be Lady Lily, Sir Nigel and... Lady Bug.. :)

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